NWC3L Series #3

Cash vs Edo

21.04.2018 17:00 CEST
AZ     TS     LR     TR

Map Pool 1x1



[PD] Edo
bought a new computer which is coming next week.
[uMaD] Cash
how u want to play this cup if u dont even have 1.29
[uMaD] Cash
i dont have w3a
[PD] Edo
1.6. Game version. Group stage: Battle.net 1.29 (W3arena will be the default platform if one of the two players can't/disagree to play on Battle.net for only the 2 first playweeks).
Playoff: Battle.net 1.29.

So far default was w3arena since its second playweek...
[uMaD] Cash
its on bnet not on w3a btw
[PD] Edo
Still no response. Im taking defwin since I´m not able to play durring the week at the moment and later I got to play vs sheik
[PD] Edo
3.3. Match time. Every match on every play week is automatically assigned at Saturday 17-00 CET(CEST, if the summer time). Player which does not show get a technical defeat (waiting time 15 minutes). By mutual agreement players can change date and time of the match, but only into play week (read point 3.2).

If you are not coming anytime soon, I wont be able to play till next week again.. I came but you are not here
[PD] Edo
dude where are you...
[PD] Edo
Im w3arena waiting for you.

Your account is Ls.Cash right ?
[uMaD] Cash
seems ok
[PD] Edo
I will be there on scheduled time 17 cet