Europa Group: 11/08/2019 16:00 CEST

Map starter: EI


Hello everyone and welcome to War3lovers, a new organisation about Warcraft 3 events. Our staff is composed with  Ark MartialSpiritPsikeBrokenHands, ForTreSs and DopeY. 

We are happy to announce the War3lovers solo League season #1!


WsL season #1

Europe and America unite in this battle for the crown that will belong to the most skillful and powerful warrior. We handpicked a group of outstanding players that will give their very best to prevail over their opponents and provide entertaining and thrilling matchups in a clash of styles rarely seen before! Stay tuned for a massive all-versus-all Round Robin warzone and if you wish to support these awesome players the actual prizepool is 150$, so feel free guys to raise up the amount under our matcherino page just below. You will be able to watch our streams when the tournament takes place. All the best, brothers in arms we'll stay in touch!

Update: "Htrt" leaves of the league, "Pride" will reemplace to him.




List of players registered:

America: UPDATE

  •   Danger       PriesT
  •   Hunter        Deuce
  •   Hitman
  •   Pride
  •   Insuperable
  •   Fénix  



  •   JohnnyCage
  •  Starshaped 
  •   WaN
  •  Sonik
  •   RaZZoRMaN
  •   Sheik
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